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Family & Consumer Science


Dedicated to strengthening families through education, Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) programs provide solutions for your life. Whether you need help solving problems related to nutrition, food safety, food preservation and storage, wellness, financial management, consumer education, hurricane preparedness, mold and mildew prevention, maintaining a healthy home, or parenting – Gulf County Extension can help. Extension agents provide information and programs that link research, knowledge and technology to help you solve problems.

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Canning & drying workshops

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Food Preservation & Nutrition

Food safety and nutrition concepts are delivered through extension educational program to include the use of household appliances Food Safety training for people employed in the food service business is offered through ServSafe™ and Safe Staff™ programs. Food Preservation has become a central focus in the past several years as people are preserving food security and wellness.

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Healthy Lifestyles

Physical Inactivity can lead to many health problems such as obesity which is known to cause many chronic diseases. Extension educational programs are designed to motivate and support healthy lifestyles among residents, on the importance of increasing physical activity to lower short and long term health risks, and to improve our personal health and well being by eating right and keeping food safe.