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Agriculture & Natural Resources


Agriculture’s impact on Florida is huge. A UF/IFAS study showed that Florida’s combined agriculture, natural resources and food industries added $132 billion to the state’s economy in 2015. UF/IFAS Extension supports this economic sector by offering education to producers across the state, ensuring that the crop varieties they grow and the management methods they use are all backed by the best science available. Whether it’s coastal resources, citrus, soil, livestock or lettuce, producers can find resources from UF/IFAS experts on topics that span the entirety of agriculture.

Land & Pond Management

Cattle ranchers, dairy farmers and other livestock producers can find knowledge on topics such as business management, facilities and equipment, nutrition, and more. UF/IFAS Extension also offers the UF Veterinary Extension and the UF/IFAS Florida Dairy Extension. Upcoming Gulf County Programs: 2017-18 Cool & Warm Season Pasture & Wildlife Food Plot Demonstrations & Pond Management Videos


Florida is characterized by long, hot and humid summers and mild winters. Honey bees are able to fly and queens able to lay eggs almost any time of year. As a result, many of the commercial beekeepers in the United States move their bees to Florida during winter to take advantage of the state’s favorable. Upcoming Gulf County Programs: 2018 Panhandle Bee College & Panhandle Beekeeping Workshop & Trade Show


One of the satisfactions that nearly all homeowners in Florida can have is to pick citrus fruits from their own trees. The varieties that may be grown vary with the size of the home grounds and with the climatic conditions within the state.