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Getting Financially Healthy


The financial health program promotes good money management and financial literacy habits for both youth and adults. The program encourages behavior changes to improve the financial skills for individuals and families. Promoting healthy savings habits for all ages helps facilitate gradual behavior changes that will ultimately lead to improved quality of life for county residents.

Florida Master Money Mentor Program

The Florida Master Money Mentor (FMMM) program is a coordinated referral network designed to match mentors trained in increasing financial knowledge and promoting positive financial practices with people needing these skills. Participants in the program receive one-on-one assistance in developing spending plans, organizing financial records, understanding credit, and planning for the future.

Financial Management Series at the Library

In partnership with the Hernando County library system, a rotating series of financial management classes are offered every Wednesday at one of the local libraries. Topics include: Calendar Based Budgeting, Credit Management and Debt Reduction, along with other financially oriented topics.

Customized Financial Programs for Employers

For employers wishing to provide financial classes for employees, we offer onsite programming at their location or at County Extension Services. We customize the program to their specific need: i.e. budgeting, savings and budgeting, retirement, etc. Interested employers can contact us at 352-754-4433.