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4-H Youth Development


4-H prides itself in youth development through various activities, clubs, events and programs. By becoming a 4-H member, youth learn lifelong skills that help them build a better future by pledging their Head, Heart, Health and Hands for service to themselves, their community and the world.


There are many different activities, clubs, and camps that youth can join to learn valuable leadership skills. Executive Board, Leadership Adventure Weekend, Legislature, 4-H University and County/District Events helps youth explore citizenship, community development, many more life-long skills.


4-H Camps provides an intensive learning environment focused on four essential elements of positive youth development: Belonging, Independence, Mastery, and Generosity. The skills learned at 4-H camp help youth to be a better person, not only for themselves, but for their family and community as well.


Lafayette 4-H Club meets after school, the second Tuesday of every month. At each meeting, kids learn about nutrition and have a healthy snack. Topics that are taught at each meeting range from agriculture and gardening, to livestock and forestry. All of the kids that attend are respectful and taught to have compassion and understanding for each other.