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Proper diet and exercise are key to living a healthy lifestyle. UF/IFAS Extension has partnered with the Family Nutrition Program to help youth, adults and the elderly learn to be more active and make smarter,healthier choices when eating. Small changes can amount to big results and extension is here to help!

Healthy Eating at Any Age

No matter what age you are, it is important to eat healthy. Making smarter choices has many benefits. Drinking water instead of soda or tea, eating a hamburger without the bun, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are examples of changes you can make. It is also important to get the proper amount of fruits, vegetables, grain, dairy and protein.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is a must to staying healthy. When most people think of exercise, they think about going to the gym, jogging, or aerobics. Those are great examples, but the list is much, much longer than that. Your local extension office and Family Nutrition Program assistant can help you learn more about physical activity.

Elder Nutrition

As you get older, your body changes and so does its physical and nutritional needs. It is important to know what and how much to eat so that you can be the healthiest. Extension, along with Elder Options and the Family Nutrition Program want to help you or someone you love learn how to have the healthiest and safest lifestyle.