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UF/IFAS Extension
Santa Rosa County

We conduct research-based educational programs in agriculture, horticulture, family and consumer sciences, marine interest, and 4-H youth development. UF/IFAS Extension encompasses thousands of Extension personnel all working to provide solutions for your life.

(850) 623-3868
6263 Dogwood Dr.
Milton, FL 32570


Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm

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Going Bats for Pest Management
New Feature at Santa Rosa Extension There is a new feature at the Santa Rosa county extension office in recent days.  The Master Gardener's worked closely with the County Extension Director and Horticulture Agent to install two bat houses on the east side of our main facility on Dogwood Dr


What's Going on in Florida

Join Florida Sea Grant as we cook blue crab cakes for dinner on Facebook LIVE!!
  Does a blue crab bite or pinch? The front claws of a blue crab are very powerful and are used for defense and feeding. A blue crab’s mouth is a small triangle shaped opening


Staying Safe and Healthy on the Farm
September 18-24 is National Farm Safety and Health Week. Agriculture is one of our nation’s most important industries


Tropical Milkweed in North Florida
The Issue Tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) has been in the news recently.  It can be a host plant for Ophryocystis elektroscirra (OE), a parasite of monarch butterflies (Danus plexippus)


Managing Florida Lawns
The lawn is a staple when you picture the typical American home.  It is where your kids play, where you stand to associate with your neighbors and the first impression you give to passers-by


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    Simple things you can do to prepare for a Hurricane.
    Hurricane Preparedness- Most residents in Florida are very familiar with the word hurricane. How we choose to respond can range from excitement for weather enthusiast or to sheer disdain with the thought of constant rain showers, high winds, downed power lines, trees and possible structural damage to your property or home


    Disaster Preparedness: Planning for medically dependent sheltering
    Regardless of a physical or mental condition, we all need to plan for a disaster. It's especially important for those medical needs, and Sarasota County has designated certain evacuation centers for those individuals with qualifying needs