4-H Youth Development


The purpose of 4-H is to help youth become productive members of society. The educational programs help youth develop inquiring minds, learn practical skills, strengthen decision making abilities, develop youth-adult partnerships, improve communications and interpersonal relationships, and ultimately share their skills and experience in leadership roles. Through hands-on, learn-by-doing activities, youth establish real-life goals and develop important life skills.

Joining/Volunteering for 4-H

4-H has so much to offer that you might get dizzy trying to find everything you like. From computers to leadership to livestock. 4-H projects cover just about every facet of the imagination that you might be interested in.

Events and Activities

All 4-H events and activities are designed to add hands-on education to the three primary 4-H programs. By providing physical, mental, social and emotional growth opportunities, 4-H events give members positive, meaningful experiences.

School Resources

Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities based on their interest, skills, and time constraints to support 4-H members, other volunteers, and the 4-H program in general. Because 4-H offers such a wide variety of events and activities, there is room for many different types of volunteers!