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Soil Testing

The Florida Master Gardener Program is a volunteer-driven program that benefits UF/IFAS Extension and the citizens of Florida. The program relies on dedicated volunteers who have an interest in gardening and in giving back to their communities.

Our St. Johns County Master Gardeners Volunteers (MGV) conduct free plant clinics, offer advice on Florida Friendly Landscaping, analyze your yard and garden soil pH for St. Johns County residents, and many other free services. 

If you need pasture soil analysis please contact Tim Wilson at or call this office at 904-209-0430 and speak with him.


To ensure the most accurate pH result follow these steps:

  • remove the top layer of leaves, mulch, stone, etc. from the area to be sampled
  • with a trowel or small shovel dig down approximately 3" to 4" and remove AT LEAST 1 to 2 cups of soil
  • place the sample in a clean disposable container (zip top bag, paper bag)
  • you can bring up to THREE individual samples at a time.  If you are bringing more than one sample, please identify on the container where each sample was taken; i.e. front yard, back yard, etc.
  • bring your sample(s) to the UF/IFAS Extension Office at 3125 Agricultural Center Drive during normal business hours - 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 except weekends and holidays.
  • you may complete the form when you come to the office or if you prefer the link below will provide the form you may complete in advance Soil Test Submission Form
  • the MGV will contact you in approximately 7-10 working days to discuss the results and make recommendations on how to amend the soil if necessary
  • NOTE:  We do not test potting mixture or compost material

If you would like a more complete analysis performed you would have to send your sample to the University of Florida along with the Landscape and Vegetable Garden Test form.   University of Florida (UF) does charge for the analysis.  Again, you can use a disposable container as we don’t have soil kits.  The turnaround for the UF is approximately 7 – 10 working days.  Once you receive your report you may contact the Horticulture Agent, Terra Freeman, at if you need help understanding the results.  This form is available at the following web site:


The Master Gardener Volunteers conduct free plant clinics at Home Depot, 1750 US Highway 1 South, St. Augustine, FL on the second and fourth Tuesday each month from 10:00 - noon. 

The Master Gardener Volunteers are available from 9:00 a.m. until noon at the extension office on a volunteer basis; call ahead to ensure they are available. 

If you are bringing in a diseased plant for diagnosis, please double bag the sample.  If you can take pictures get a close up shot, a distant shot and an overall picture of the problem area.  You can also e-mail your photos to the our Master Gardener at


If you need a Certified Arborist this is the place to go:  Trees Are Good