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School Enrichment Programs

The Fall School Enrichment Program is the 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Contest. This program is delivered by UF IFAS Extension through 4-H and with the partnership with teachers from 4th-6th grades. The 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Contest teaches youth how to write and deliver a speech effectively. Youth participate in competitions within their classroom, then the school, and lastly advance to the County Competition held in December. Winners receive a voucher to attend Camp Timpoochee during the summer.

The Spring School Enrichment Program is the Embryology Project. This program allows teachers and their students to hatch chickens in their own classrooms in 21 days! Youth will learn about the life cycle of a chicken, how to incubate eggs, how to candle eggs, how to care for bay chicks and the different careers within the poultry industry. This program can be teacher led or 4-H Agent led depending on preference. All materials are provided through UF IFAS Walton County 4-H.

Community Clubs

4-H community clubs have a variety of focuses ranging from livestock, homesteading, shooting sports, and more! These clubs are led by two adult volunteers who are background screened and trained through the 4-H program. Clubs meet at a minimum of once monthly at various locations determined by the leaders and members. Youth participate in various activities, field trips, and multiple hands on experiences that allow them to gain the life skills necessary to become successful adults! For more information on Clubs in Walton County please click the helpful link “Walton County Clubs.”

Day Camps

4-H day camps are one day workshop type camps that cover various topics. Often “day camps” wil last up to three consecutive days with a central theme. Youth may experience activities in agriculture, STEM, cooking, livestock, robotics, art and much more. Each day camp has a separate registration form and fee. Find upcoming day camps by clicking on the helpful link “Day Camp Registration” and/or call our office at 850-892-8172.

Camp Timpoochee

4-H Camp Timpoochee is our residential camping facility located off highway 20 in the Choctaw Bay area. This annual camping experience lasts one full week with youth from two to three counties. Youth may experience marine science, shooting sports, recreational games, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, crafts, and much more. Many youth have stated, “At Camp, I get to be myself, and everyone accepts that.” During their week of camp, youth build relationships and life skills that follow them throughout adulthood. For registration information please click the helpful link “Camp Timpoochee Registration.”