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For over 40 years, the University of Florida has offered training and continuing education for Florida's pesticide applicators through the Aquatic Weed Control Short Course. The Short Course features leading experts in Aquatic and Upland vegetation management and is designed to benefit those new to the industry and experienced professionals seeking a comprehensive update.

You will benefit from attending this program if you:

  • Need Florida Pesticide Applicator CEUs for categories such as Aquatic, Right-of-Way, Natural Areas, General Standards (CORE), Forestry, Demo & Research
  • Are planning to take the test to become a certified pesticide applicator in Florida.
  • Are responsible for aquatic weed control in canals, lakes, golf course ponds, rivers, parks, residential developments, and other waterways.
  • Operate and calibrate pesticide application equipment.
  • Are employed by a public agency or private company that is responsible for vegetation management along right-of-ways and in natural areas.
  • Are an employee of a manufacturer or a distributor that markets aquatic or vegetation management herbicides.
  • Use biological control techniques to suppress aquatic weed growth.
  • Need to identify aquatic and wetland plants.
  • Establish and maintain wetland mitigation areas.

IT'S ALMOST HERE! MAY 13-16, 2024 Orlando, Florida

Why Manage Plants?

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is the State’s lead agency, authorized by the Florida Legislature (Section 369.20(2), Florida Statutes) to direct the control of aquatic plants. The links below will help to explain why and how aquatic plants are managed in Florida waters. There are five sections that will guide you through the conditions that contribute to aquatic plant problems and the many factors considered by FWC biologists when developing aquatic plant management plans for Florida waters. It is a major priority to manage invasive plants while also conserving and enhancing unique aquatic habitats and wildlife communities.