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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Eligible Categories

  • Chapter 487 (Agriculture/RUP License) - Private Applicator, Demo & Research, Aquatic Weed Control, Natural Areas, Right-of-Way, Forestry, Ornamental & Turf, Ag Row Crop, Ag Tree Crop
  • Chapter 482 (Structural/Residential Pest Control) -  Limited Landscape Maintenance, Limited Lawn & Ornamental, Commercial Lawn & Ornamental

A maximum of 20 Florida CEUs (4 core + 16 category) can be earned during the Short Course

Infomation about QR codes for CEUs

  • Important Tips
    • You must already have a Commercial, Public, and/or Private Pesticide License to have CEUs applied toward license renewal. Your license status must be NORMAL or EXPIRATION TEMPORARY. Check the status of your license at Fresh from Florida's Licensed Pesticide Applicator Search .
    • Did you know? Some applicators think that if their license has expired (Non-active, Expiration Temporary status), they can’t earn CEUs – not true! Your license can be “Expired” for up to one year and still be renewed, so you’re still eligible to earn CEUs that can be used to renew your license.
    • You must attend the entire session to earn CEUs for that session. Attendance will be monitored and tardiness or excessive departures will not be tolerated.
    • Fill out your Record of Attendance Form as soon as you receive it. We do not issue replacement forms, so do not lose your form! Once you’ve filled in your information, you can upload your forms to FDACS's Verify User page. Enter your name and license number (you do not need a DTN or voucher number to upload your forms), select “Continuing Education Credits” from the Document Type dropdown, click Submit, and start uploading your forms. If you’d rather wait until your license is up for renewal, keep your forms in a safe place, then mail them to FDACS with your renewal notice and license renewal fee.
    • Not sure what you need to renew your license? Check out FDAC's web page Pesticide Applicator License Renewal: CEU Requirements 
    • For licensing and certification information, contact the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Pesticide Certification Office at 850-617-7870 or visit their webpage Pesticide Applicator Certification and Licensing .

  • Out-of-state CEUs

    I’m licensed in another state; how do I find out if my state will accept CEUs from the Short Course?
    In addition to Florida CEUs, we can request credits from other states IF there is enough interest. If you are from a state other than Florida and have a group of AT LEAST FIVE people from your state that plan to attend for credit, please contact Dr. Lyn Gettys by April 1, 2024 for more information.

  • About Pesticide Applicator Licenses in Florida

    The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), Division of Agricultural Environmental Services, Pesticide Applicator Licenses is responsible for licensing of Florida applicators. Learn about obtaining a licenses by visiting their website . Florida applicators may search for upcoming courses and exam scores via the FDACS Pesticide Applicator  webpage.

    Questions about your Florida licenses or exam scores? Please contact:

    Sharon Jones, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:

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