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Two 4Hers in a cooking class

Bay County 4-H Volunteers

The University of Florida defines a volunteer as “any person who, of his own free will, provides goods or services to any state department or agency (4-H), with no monetary or material compensation.”

What do 4-H Volunteers do?

Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities based on their interest, skills, and time constraints to support 4-H members, other volunteers, and the 4-H program in general. Because 4-H offers such a wide variety of events and activities, there is room for many different types of volunteers!

Which Volunteer positions are available?

Full-Time Positions (6 + hours per month)

  • Organizational Club Leader
  • Co-Leader
  • Shooting Sports Coach

Part-Time Positions ( 1 – 5 hours per month)

  • Resource Leader
  • Project Leader (help youth with a particular 4-H project such as horse, sewing, rocketry, shooting sports, etc)
  • Support Leader
  • Advisory Committee Member
  • Foundation Board Member
  • Middle Manager

“Episodic” Volunteering

You can also sign up to help with a special event that you are interested in – we call this “episodic” volunteering!

  • Judge Record Books
  • Help with fundraisers or other special events
  • Help out with the Fair
  • Judge County or District Events
  • Serve as a camp Chaperone

What kind of support is available for Volunteers?

Volunteer support takes several forms. Our office sends periodic updates just for volunteers that includes info about up-coming events, deadlines, and county policies. Club leaders meet bi-annually with the 4-H agent to receive training on new projects, procedures, and resource guide updates.

The Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Leaders Forum is an annual, four-day event which occurs every fall in Rock Eagle, Georgia. The Florida State Volunteer Leaders Forum takes place in April at Camp Ocala. Volunteers are not required to attend all of these trainings.

How do I sign up?

Each of our regular service volunteers (those that have direct contact with youth, such as organizational club leaders, camp chaperones, judging team coaches, etc.) must complete a volunteer application and interview. Once your application is processed and accepted, you will receive a letter of appointment, making you a bona-fide 4-H Volunteer.

Behind-the-scenes volunteers, such as advisory committee members, support volunteers, judges, or middle management volunteers need only to complete an application.


(850) 784-6105

Physical & Mailing Address 2728 E 14th St Panama City, FL 32401

Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am – 12pm 1pm – 5pm

Bay County

4-H Links 

Learn more about 4-H

Visit the Florida 4-H website to learn more about the organization and its mission, or make a donation to help support 4-H. You can also explore current project options and upcoming events, read about 4-H facts and impacts, watch videos with 4-H’ers discussing their experiences, and find out about volunteering opportunities.