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Adult and two children at the County Fair

Becoming a 4-H Volunteer

Charlotte County 4-H relies on dedicated volunteers to promote its mission and vision.  Volunteers are essential in providing opportunities for youth to gain the knowledge and life skills they need to be productive, responsible citizens. 

By becoming and/or serving as a 4-H volunteer, you will spend time providing Charlotte County youth with a safe environment where they can pursue their interests. If you are not currently a screened 4-H volunteer, we encourage you to inquire about becoming one so that you can share in the positive experiences of the Charlotte County 4-H program. 

Share Your Passion...

Do you have a passion that you are willing to share with children or are you interested in helping with the overall 4-h program through fundraising etc.?

Think about what your passion is.  Are you willing to assist in some way?  Fill out this form so that we can contact you about our volunteer opportunities! 

Once you have filled out the Volunteer interest survey, you will need to begin the volunteer screening process.  That process includes:

  • Completing an Adult Volunteer Profile through 4-H Online 
  • Complete the annual  Youth Protection Training 
  • Complete and submit the Florida 4-H Volunteer Packet to your 4-H Office.
  • Attend a scheduled fingerprinting appointment to determine your eligibility status.
  • Attend your county volunteer orientation and training.
  • Prepare to share your skills, knowledge and talents while having Fun with kids!


Kristie Popa 4-H Youth Development Agent (941) 833-3837

Physical Address 1120 Centennial Boulevard Port Charlotte, FL 33953

Mailing Address 1120 Centennial Boulevard Port Charlotte, FL 33953

Hours Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm