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4-H youth examining a cow with an ultra sound

School Enrichment Opportunities

Each year, Charlotte County 4-H is lucky enough to be able to offer several School Enrichment Opportunities.  School enrichment programs are learning experiences delivered to youth in cooperation with public or private schools during school hours in support of school curriculum.  These programs are delivered by 4-H staff, trained volunteers or teachers, and are built to enhance the subject matter being studied in the classroom and provide non-formal, hands-on education to complement formal education.  These programs are offered free of charge and are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

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2nd Grade: How Did That Get in My Cart?

This program educates youth about Charlotte County agriculture and where the food in their grocery store comes from. During this project, the 4-H Agent and Program Assistant will work directly with students to educate them about different agricultural commodities through literature related to the commodity as well as hands-on activities connected to the children’s book. Through these lessons, the students will gain a better understanding of agriculture and where their food comes from as well as the journey from farm to plate.  Throughout the lessons, youth will be immersed in math concepts related to the topics which meet their Florida math standards.  This program consists of (5) 1-hour lessons throughout the school year.

3rd Grade: 4-H Food, Fun & Fitness Health & Nutrition Program

To engage youth in activities that encourage healthy eating and active play.  As a result of participating in these lessons, youth with gain knowledge and skills to support the Choose Health behavior goals such as: 

  • replacing sweetened drinks with low-fat milk and water
  • eating more vegetables and fruits
  • eating fewer high-fat and high-sugar foods and more nutrient rich and high fiber foods
  • eating only as often and as much as needed to satisfy hunger
  • playing actively for 60 minutes per day
  • limiting screen time to two hours or less per day

This program consists of (6) 1 hour classes and provides youth with the opportunity to prepare and try a recipe during each lesson.

4th 5th & 6th Grades: Tropicana Public Speaking Contest

This program helps children in grades 4-6 learn how to write and deliver a speech, providing them with the skills to communicate with clarity and comfort, and to think quickly and nimbly. 
At its core, the program allows students to work on a speech of their choice, guided by a teacher. Speeches must last at least two minutes, but no longer than three, and visual aids are not permitted. Teachers select the top three speeches in each class, and those students earn honor ribbons. Next, each participating school selects its top three speeches, with those students earning medallions. Finally, judges at the County Wide contest choose the top four speeches at a countywide contest, and those students each earn a plaque.

Charlotte County 4-H will provide each classroom with certificates for each child, ribbons for class winners, score cards for all speeches, an announcement letter for parents/guardians, tips for giving a great sheet handout, lesson plans and other materials you might need.  

*Optional visit by the 4-H Agent to conduct a class on how to give a good speech (body language, eye contact etc.)

Any Grade: In-School 4-H Club

Conduct a 4-H Club in your classroom with the help of the 4-H Agent & Program Assistant. Contact us for more information!



Kristie Popa 4-H Youth Development Agent (941) 833-3837

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Mailing Address 1120 Centennial Boulevard Port Charlotte, FL 33953

Hours Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm