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UF/IFAS Extension
Collier County

We help people find practical solutions to problems specific to living in Florida. In fact, people find Extension so valuable, that we are the largest adult education and youth development organization in the world.

14700 Immokalee Road
Naples, FL 34105


Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30 pm
Closed on Federal Holidays

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How to Stake a Mango Tree to Control Height
Mangos are potentially very large trees that can get out of hand if left unmanaged for height and shape. In hurricane prone areas, it is recommended to regularly prune mango trees to limit vertical growth and encourage horizontal growth


What's Going on in Florida

Recap: Spring 2022 SWFL Small Farmer Network Meeting on National OJ Day
The Southwest Florida Small Farmer Network is a peer-to-peer network focused on exploring diversified and sustainable farming systems. This group is open to established and beginning farmers in Southwest Florida and hosted by UF/IFAS Extension Agents in the region


Cool Off with these UF/IFAS Extension Podcasts
I’m not gonna lie--it’s hot outside! Summer heat in Florida is more than a matter of comfort—it's a health and safety issue. If you want to limit your outdoor exposure, but still keep up on topics like gardening, nature watching, farming, beekeeping, or the latest in scientific research, podcasts are a great way to do that


How to obtain a pesticide license
Using pesticides requires testing and licensing by FDACS because exposure to some pesticides can be harmful to humans, wildlife, and environment.  Getting a “pesticide license” usually requires a test and continual renewal by obtaining CEUs (continuing education units)


What’s on My Mango Tree?
The photo below and above show a pretty significant infestation of soft scale on a mango tree in Collier County. Scales are stationary, shell-like insects that can damage trees by feeding on the sap in branches, leaves and fruit and release poison into the tree


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    Mango Morning with Dr. Jonathan Crane
    It’s mango season and it’s also the perfect time to learn how to grow these tropical fruit trees in South Florida. This year, our featured speaker for Mango Morning with UF/IFAS Extension was Dr


    Sugarcane Mosaic Virus
    Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) is a virus of great concern for turfgrass aficionados. This past Winter, a local landscaper and I observed mottled, discolored turfgrass in an HOA located in Naples