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4-H Teen Councils

County, District, and State Youth Councils

The 4-H Program utilizes many tools or methods to provide educational experiences for youth. The 4-H Council (or other relevant named group) at county, district, and state levels is one of these tools. A Council is an elected representative group of 4-H members who meet, discuss, plan, and assist in carrying out 4-H programs and activities in the interest of the total membership. The Council provides a link between local clubs or groups and County 4-H Programs, between County Programs and District 4-H Programs, and between District Programs and State 4-H Programs.

Duval 4-H County Council / Teen Leadership Club

The County Council is the voice of all the 4-H'ers in the county. There are representatives from the 4-H Clubs and all other 4-H groups in the county. One of the roles of the council system is to provide representative youth voices in the district and state programming levels. Therefore the county council has the opportunity to select and have representative youth participate in the District Council and the State 4-H Council.

All Senior level 4-H'ers are invited to join the council 

Council Committees:

  •  Community Service
  • Fundraising 
  • Communications
  • My Government Day 
  • Escape Room 
  • Awards Night

Meeting Times: 2nd Monday of the Month / 6:00pm  at the Duval County Extension Office. Contact Ms. Kelsey with any questions 

Florida 4-H Executive Boards 

The Florida State 4-H Council Executive Board consists of 4 delegates from each of the 13 4-H districts, up to 30 Executive Board Appointees, and the 8 Florida 4-H State Officers.

The Executive Board is a group of youth from across the state that represent their county and district. The members attend working committee meetings at Executive Board Weekend Events, during which they offer input into events such as 4-H UniversityLegislature,  4-H Day at the Capitol, and Intermediate State.

Committee members also play a vital role in the implementation of those events. Other committees work on planning and implementing a state-wide community service projectfund raising, parli pro education, entertainment, and communication supportMore information 

For more information about 4-H in Duval County,  call: (904) 255-7450 or email the 4-H Office.