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Duval County 4-H Clubs


Clubs are the foundation of 4-H. A 4-H club is a group of five or more youth guided by two level II background screened adult club leaders. A club can be any size--from a small group of kids from the same neighborhood to a large group of youth from within the county. A 4-H club has a planned program that is ongoing throughout all or most of the year and can meet in any location. Typically a club's members elect officers. 4-H clubs are organized and supported to provide community-based, positive, structured learning opportunities for youth during their developmental years.

Current 4-H Clubs

Duval County 4-H has in school clubs, after school clubs, and community clubs for youth to join through-out the county. This link will give you details on clubs that are currently available to join.

Project Reports and Clover Awards

Clover Awards are an awards system that recognizes all 4-Hers who participate for their achievements! The 4-H Project Report is a great way to document your project work and are completed by all 4-H Members. This links will give you access to all you need to know about completing Clover Awards and Project Reports.

4-H Councils

Group leadership skills are practiced by 4-H youth through a county, district and state council system. A council is an elected representative group of 4-H members who meet, discuss, plan and assist in carrying out 4-H programs and activities of interest to the membership. This link will share information about different councils offered in 4-H.