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Agriculture’s impact on Florida is huge. In fact, a recent UF/IFAS study showed that Florida’s combined agriculture, natural resources, and food industries added $132 billion to the state’s economy in 2015 alone. UF/IFAS Extension offers education to producers and consumers across the state, ensuring that the crops grown and the management methods used are all backed by the best science available. In the Big Bend Region of Florida, you can support agriculture and food systems by connecting to our area's local farms, community gardens, school gardens, and by implementing best management practices in your own backyard.

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Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs

Welcome to our Leon County Alternative Crops website.

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Integrated Pest Management

Information and resources on integrated pest management strategies.

Farms, Farmers Markets, & Alternative Enterprises

When you support local farmers and markets, you help farmers increase production, encourage new farmers to begin farming, & help connect others to the food they are consuming and to local agricultural production.