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UF/IFAS Extension
Marion County

UF/IFAS Extension Marion County is a cooperation between the Marion County Board of County Commissioners and the University of Florida to deliver relevant, research-based education programs that result in healthy people, healthy environments and healthy economies.

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2232 NE Jacksonville Rd
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Equine Gut Health: Fact or Fiction?
Sand in the gut Owning horses is like having potato chips, you can’t have just one. With each horse comes a labor of love in ensuring they are well managed, especially when it comes to overseeing their gut function and keeping them free of colic, ulcers, and other gastric distress


What's Going on in Florida

Marion County Agriculture Hall of Fame Recognition
As a part of Farm City Week Marion County Extension honors individuals from our Community for their contributions to Agriculture. Since its inception in 2003 Marion County has recognized thirty-four men and women for their place in Marion County’s agricultural history


NFREC Quincy—100 Years of Service and Adaptation
It was the summer of 1978. I had just graduated with a BS degree in Agronomy from the Ohio State University


This blog is intended to explain the function and importance of littoral vegetation in stormwater ponds and provide a reference for Florida-Friendly plant species that do well in each littoral zone. A stormwater pond's main function is to provide flood control for urban areas, and they are very effective at doing so


Suicide Awareness & Prevention
September is Suicide prevention month bringing awareness to the issue might save a life. We have all met with challenges over our lifetime


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    Who is This Invader? Let’s Talk About Cogongrass
    Scientific name: Imperata cylindrica Common names: Japanese bloodgrass, Red Baron grass (red varieties), Cogongrass, Cogon grass, japgrass, bloodroot grass. Have you ever seen cogongrass?  Even if you do not know, you likely have as it is one of the most prominent weeds in Marion County


    A new grant funding program from the State of Florida launched for tree establishment
    This article was written by Maxine Hunter, she is the Urban Horticulture Agent II for UF/IFAS Extension, Marion County. A new grant funding program from the State of Florida will launched  Friday, September 3, 2021