Educating with Extension Newsletters


Each month, the Extension Service in Monroe County publishes a newsletter about its exciting programs and events both past and upcoming. See what we are doing and how you can become involved. If you, or someone you know, would like to begin receiving these newsletters, please contact Liz Yongue, at or (305) 292-4501. Hard copies are available upon request.

Extension Agent helping a baker make cookies. IFAS File Photo

November 2018 Newsletter

For our November newsletter, we featured an article written by our Extension Director, Alicia Betancourt, "How to Start a Side Gig", and bullet points from her follow-up article, "Got a Side Gig? Important Steps for Success".

bicyclist using bike path - cropped

October 2018 Newsletter

For our October newsletter, we featured an article written by Jerry Lieberman, of Monroe County's Climate Change Advisory Committee, "Transportation Tips for a Better Environment".

Royal Poinciana damage - cropped

September 2018 Newsletter

For our September newsletter, we featured an article written by our Environmental Horticulture Agent, Michelle Leonard-Mularz, on "Royal Poinciana Caterpillars".