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Environmental Horticulture

Who We Are

Master Gardener Volunteers

Our Master Gardener Volunteers assist the public with plant and insect questions at Plant Clinics in three locations in the Florida Keys every month, and volunteer their time at local nurseries, garden clubs and events around the Keys. Come be part of this great group of green-thumbs!

How to Become a Master Gardener Volunteer

Read through the South Florida Master Gardener Handbook

Forms for Master Gardener Volunteers

VMS Log-In for Master Gardener Volunteers

Florida Friendly Landscaping

The Florida Friendly Landscaping (FFL) program teaches residents how to create and maintain attractive and low-maintenance landscapes. Nearshore water quality is improved by minimizing fertilizer and pesticides that go into stormwater runoff. FFL principles protect the Florida Keys' natural environment and save time and money.  

Best Management Practices

Homeowners and commercial landscape/nursery businesses are provided assistance with landscaping in the Keys by Best Management Practices for planting natives using slow release fertilizers and practicing integrated pest management. 

UF/IFAS's Electronic Data Information Source

University of Florida Publications are available on our Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS) webpage, which cover a wide variety of your plant and insect questions! Other topics covered by EDIS publications include Agriculture, Community Development, Environment, Families and Consumers, and 4-H Youth Development!

Need to Take a Pesticide Exam?

Please see our quick guide on How to Obtain a Voucher for Pesticide Exam from FDACS!

Please schedule your exam with our office at (305) 292-4501 or at We will request your voucher number when show up for the exam. 

To get your exam results, please go to this DACS website: 

Please keep in mind, results are usually posted 2-weeks after an exam is submitted.

Contact Us!

Michelle Leonard-Mularz

Michelle Leonard-Mularz
Environmental Horticulture Agent
Monroe County
email: or
Phone: 305-292-4504
Physical Address: 
1100 Simonton Street, Suite 2-260
Key West, FL 33040