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UF/IFAS Extension Orange County has resumed operations Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.
Face masks are recommended.

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We look forward to working with you, and please stay safe!

UF/IFAS Extension
Orange County

UF/IFAS Extension Orange County provides education and information to residents and businesses through workshops, publications, and mass media in the areas of family life, youth development, natural resources, horticulture, and agriculture. Current classes/events are listed on our events calendar.

(407) 254-9200
6021 S. Conway Rd.
Orlando, FL 32812


Monday - Friday
8a.m. - 5p.m.
Plant Clinic Monday - Friday 8a.m. - Noon; 1p.m. - 5p.m.

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Surviving Your First Bull Sale
So you’re a new cattle producer and you’ve listened to many different resources (including your local Extension Agent) say that the fastest way to increase the genetic potential of your herd is through your bull. That makes sense, since the bull will provide 50% of the genetic material to upwards of 50 calves, and a cow can only provide 50% of the genetic material to 1 calf


What's Going on in Florida

Farm-City Week Breakfast
Here in Extension, we believe in the spirit of the farm. For over 100 years we have been assisting farmers and ranchers, homeowners and organizations grow food


NFREC Quincy—100 Years of Service and Adaptation
It was the summer of 1978. I had just graduated with a BS degree in Agronomy from the Ohio State University


Are Rock Yards Florida-Friendly?
A Rock Yard is Not Florida-Friendly Rocks increase heat and can stress plants and increase plant pests and disease. They are usually imported from other states


Palms for Central Florida
Why Palms for the Central Florida landscape? The real question here might be, “Why not palms for the Central Florida landscape?” Palms provide a geographic aesthetic that separates Floridian gardening and landscaping from much of the rest of the country. These emblematic and evergreen cousins of grass are what people up north dream about while shoveling snow from their frigid driveways bereft of life


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    Reaching Your 4-H Goals
    Time to Get Going on those 4-H Goals Last year at this time, I wrote a blog about setting S.M


    Water Wednesday Preview: Urban Agriculture
    This month Water Wednesday will feature Urban Agriculture! What is Urban Agriculture? According to U.S