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Residential Horticulture


Central Florida’s unique environmental conditions sometimes cause well-meaning individuals to waste water, fertilizer, pesticides and money through inappropriate landscape designs and improper landscape maintenance practices. By providing residents with key knowledge on the best management practices for their lawns and landscapes, we can help them make landscaping decisions that have minimal impact on the environment.

beans and sunflowers in veg garden

Residential Horticulture

Educational workshops, presentations, garden tours and outreach are offered for residents in the areas of landscaping and gardening. These programs provide research-based, unbiased information to the public that emphasizes proper plant selection, planting, maintenance and pest control required to create healthy, beautiful landscapes and gardens with minimal impact to the environment.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™

The mission of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program is to educate Floridians about science-based, environmentally friendly landscaping practices and to encourage them to conserve and protect our water resources by applying Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Principles in their landscapes. The Exploration Gardens showcase the diversity of gardening and landscaping options available to residents in Central Florida.


Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Program in Orange County

Florida Master Gardener Volunteers are university-trained volunteers who assist UF/IFAS Extension in providing home and residential horticulture and environmental stewardship information throughout the county. They become recognized as garden experts representing and serving the USDA, University of Florida and Orange County.