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UF/IFAS Extension
Suwannee County

Welcome to the UF/IFAS Extension in Suwannee County website. From learning principles of proper nutrition to growing profitable crops and helping youth develop leadership skills and self esteem. Suwannee County's Extension offers a wealth of practical information for the citizens of our county.

(386) 362-2771
1302 11th Street SW
Live Oak, FL 32064


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

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Are You Looking for a Way to get Financial Assistance on Your Farm or Forestry Operation?
Introduction to financial assistance program for all farm and forestry operations will be Offered Dec 13th, 2022 at the NFREC-SV for Suwannee all surrounding counties Financial Assistance Expo flyer Who do farm and forestry producers go to for financial assistance? Homeowners.


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This Thanksgiving, Thank a Farmer
This Thanksgiving Day, families and friends across the country will gather to show gratitude for our good fortune by sitting down together over a meal. Not just any meal, but a proper feast, with multiple courses, side dishes, appetizers and desserts


Manage Your Diabetes With Teamwork
November is National Diabetes Month During this month, organizations and communities  from across the country come together to highlight diabetes and diabetes management. Here are a few facts about this chronic condition: Over thirty-seven million people in the United States suffer from diabetes


How can you make your calves more marketable?
Cattle producers are always looking to add value to their cattle operation through marketing strategies. However, there are several ways to add value through basic management practices, although applying these practices do not always guarantee a premium as there are several factors to consider when selling your calves


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    Generator Use During the Hurricanes Can Kill You
    If you are like my family, you have purchased a generator to prevent food losses and to run a fan during a power outage.  Whenever combustion occurs (whether from a generator, a fire, a gas-fired water heater or stove) carbon monoxide is produced


    Sod-Based Rotation the Next Big Revolution in Farming
    Rotational cropping systems are nothing new but changing from a cash crop-based rotation to a sod-based rotation has the promise of giving farmers a viable new option for increasing yields, simultaneously enhancing soil quality, and still promoting environmental stewardship. North Florida sod-based rotations often involve bahiagrass being added into the traditional crop rotation mix