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UF/IFAS Extension
Union County

The Union County Extension Office is a cooperatively funded service of the University of Florida / IFAS/ Extension in a partnership with USDA and the Union County Board of County Commissioners

(386) 496-2321
15120 SW 84th Street
Lake Butler, FL 32054-1701


Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30pm

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Confirmation Bias: Comfortable and Dangerous
Confirmation bias is the human tendency to seek out and retain information that matches our existing beliefs. This type of bias allows us to streamline decision making


What's Going on in Florida

One-on-One Financial Guidance
Free One-on-One Financial Guidance UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County provides free one-on-one help with basic personal finance topics. We have Florida Master Money Mentors who can help you develop a strategy to reach your financial goals


The Rural Telehealth Initiative: Lowering Barriers to Health Care
For me, a visit to the doctor can be an inconvenience. Between fighting traffic, finding a parking spot, checking in and doing time in the waiting room, I usually have to carve out an hour or more of my day, all for about 15 minutes of quality time with the doctor


Making Healthier Convenience Food Choices
  Convenience foods are foods that require little to no preparation.  Although it helps when you are in a time crunch, sometimes unhealthy choices are made


Fiber; Good for More Than Just the Gut
We often hear fiber is good for you or add more fiber to your diet, but what is fiber? Fiber is a form of carbohydrate found in plants, including whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble


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    Hurricane Heroes: Nicole Walker
    Nicole Walker, director of UF/IFAS Extension Polk County and associate director of the UF/IFAS Extension Southwest District: Even though it’s inland, Polk County has seen its share of damage from hurricanes and tropical storms over the years. Nicole Walker, the director of UF/IFAS Extension Polk County and associate Extension director for the UF/IFAS Extension Southwest District, has been in Polk County for more than 20


    Making Guacamole
    Did you know that guacamole has its own dedicated day in the US?  It’s September 16th, which is also Mexico’s Independence Day (avocados are native to central Mexico and is believed to be created by Aztecs in the 16th century). What are some of your favorite ingredients to mix in?  Traditional ingredients are jalapeño, chopped onion, diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro, lime juice, and a little bit of salt