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Teachers and students building a robot in a classroom.


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Broward County 4-H Youth Development Program offers support for educators, formal and in formal, in K-12 schools and other educational settings. We utilizes research-based curriculum, compliant with Florida State Standards with endless ways to suit your students' needs. Our services are FREE of charge and can support in subjects from STEM, art, public speaking, healthy living, and environmental studies.

Three elementary students using body gestures to make a connection to a STEM project they are working on together in their classroom.


Broaden or supplement regular curriculum with a lab or project series. 4-H can provide learning kits including lesson plans, materials, and resources for long-range labs and projects in the myriad of curriculum options.

Three students eagerly listening to an educator discuss bees as she holds a preserved one in her hand before making a bee motel with the students.


4-H can help you plan and execute class, grade level, or even school-wide STEM Days! In a collaborative effort, 4-H and school educators can provide students with an exciting day of engagement with their peers.

Teacher and 4 students are smiling widely as they play a science educational board game under a park pavilion. b


Want to help starting a school club on a specific topic or project? Adult leaders work in a collaborative process with student members on a specific project or topic that can take place over the course of weeks or months.

Education Professionals speaking on a panel to other educators at the 4-H Ideas Forum.


Teacher training and professional development workshops can be specifically crafted for your school’s interests and needs. Teachers will be able to take what they'll learn and provide specialized curriculum and enriching projects.

4-H is Here for You and Your Students!

Here's How + FAQs

School Enrichment is a partnership between the University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service and a school district to provide educational content in various subject areas. Extension values its relationship with the schools and welcomes the opportunity to provide research-based curricula for classroom use.
  • Why may school-based programming be a fit for you?

    School-based programs provide an opportunity to youth who would not be able to participate in traditional 4-H club offerings otherwise. If you want to expand your 4-H program in diversity, subject matter, and/or number of youth reached, school-based programming may be the solution for you.

  • How long is a 4-H Program in school?

    Broward County 4-H School Enrichment aims to work with the unique needs of teachers and students so time can vary! Drop-in lessons, to STEM Nights, to programs once a week for a month or year-long clubs are all in the realm of possibility with 4-H!

  • What are the requirements to receive services or partner with Broward 4-H for educational programs?
    • Youth must be between the ages of 5-18, or considered a special population
    • Teachers or adult-in-charge complete youth/volunteer registration form
    • Youth complete a simple pre/post survey
  • 4-H Before, During, or After School Clubs

    Start a teacher or volunteer-led 4-H club at your school! Clubs can meet before, during, or after school and focus on interests like gardening, robotics, career development, leadership, and more.


  • Embryology Project


    An incubator may be checked out for a maximum of 1 month along with resource materials. (Value of up to $236 in each kit)  Any damage may result in a charge for repair/replacement.

    Teachers will need to secure their own eggs from limited county resources or through mail order.


    (The complete kit needs to be returned)

    1. Eggcellent Adventures in Classroom Embryology
    2. Incubator: circulating air fan with a solid state thermostat control, thermometer, automatic egg turner and tray liner
    3. Candler
    4. Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide
    5. Brooder Box and Heat Lamp


    • Provide teacher with available, working incubator with instructions
    • Serve as a resource, as needed for the teacher

    Through the guidance of the teacher, students will:

    • Understand the appropriate conditions for incubating and hatching the eggs.
    • Assist teacher in keeping food dish and water container filled
    • Learn about embryonic development and the uses for chickens and eggs
    • Handle eggs and chicks carefully and appropriately
    • ENJOY and LEARN!

    LIMITED incubators are available – contact us to schedule your class or afterschool program.


  • Public Speaking In-School Challenge


    Classroom contests are to be held for all sections of 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.  Teachers are encouraged to require this activity for all students; it may or may not be a graded requirement. Follow the Teacher Lesson Plans provided in your packet. Select a day for classroom competition; invite another teacher or community resource person to come and judge speeches. The top three winners receive ribbons: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. At all levels, 4th and 5th graders compete against each other; while 6th graders are in a separate division. First place classroom winners advance to the school contest.  The school contest is essentially the county finals.  The Baker County 4-H Agent will organize the school contest with the 4-H Tropicana School Coordinator. School contest Judges will select the top three winners in each division, plus an honorable mention which does not necessarily have to be the 4th place scoring speech.


    A number of printed materials are available to you:


    This curriculum guide provides step-by-step suggestions for teachers to implement the weeklong program in their class.

    • Letter to Parents - communicates with parents their child’s participation in the project.
    • Tips for Giving A Great Speech! - One for each student to help them remember tips for success.
    • Certificate of Participation - Each teacher gives a certificate of participation to every student.


    Speeches must be the original work of the student. Students must use the same topic for classroom, school/county competition.  It is permissible to make changes to the speech to improve it, based on learning at the different levels of competition. Of course, offensive material or language is not permitted.

    Speeches should last between two and three minutes. Speeches that are less than two minutes are penalized five (5) points for every second they are under or over the time limit allowed.  The maximum penalty for timing is a 100-point deduction. (See “Judging” for additional information.)

    Students may not use visual aids, props, pictures, or costumes.


    Students may work from note cards, an outline, or memory. No points are awarded or subtracted based on this format.

    Each speaker should be introduced by an emcee that will indicate the student’s name, classroom, and the title of the speech. Speakers should not begin their speech with this information.

    We encourage the use of a podium and microphone at the school competition. We suggest having a box available for students to stand on if they are unable to see over the podium and speak into the microphone.


    It is recommended that students dress in attire that is comfortable such as pants for boys and slacks or a skirt for girls. Suits and dresses are not necessary. Parents are encouraged to help their child select an outfit that makes them feel comfortable and confident. Judges will not add or subtract points for attire.

    It is suggested that a random drawing of names predetermine the order of speeches.  This is the procedure that will be used at the School/County Finals.


    Judging is based on two areas - composition and presentation. Each of these areas have 6 subjects for which the judges may award a total of 100 points each for a maximum of 1200 points.  It has been suggested that 100 point range is too large and is awkward for the judges.  Feel free to drop that to a 10 point range for a total of 120 points, if you feel that would make your judging more manageable and consistent, as long as all students are judged with the same scale.

    Composition of Speech:

    • Choice of material - student uses original material, subject is unique
    • Effective introduction - interesting, captures attention and indicates the topic
    • Effective body or main portion of speech - a logical and smooth flow of material
    • Use of language - effective selection, combination and use of words
    • Effective conclusion - summarizes material and concludes speech effectively; not too abrupt
    • Time length - automatically receive 100 points if within time limit; any penalties will be marked by staff tabulating the results.


    • Audience bond - establishes and maintains eye contact with members of the audience
    • Delivery - fluent and smooth and appears relaxed
    • Pronunciation - correct
    • Articulation - clear, easy to understand
    • Volume - appropriate volume level; effective changes to volume level throughout speech
    • Speed - speaks at a speed that can be understood, varies speed and uses pauses effectively

     We will be striving to use a minimum of three impartial judges representing different areas of expertise (such as teaching, business, and civic organizations) for the school contest. It is also valuable to have a diverse panel of judges including males, females, and minorities.  Local Toast Master Chapters are often willing to assist with judging.  The judges have a very difficult job and we will announce that the decision of the judges is final.  Individual scores not be released. The judges may want to make a comment card for each child that would help him/her improve their presentation.


    Tropicana Products, Inc. provides awards for a maximum of two divisions - a 4th/5th grade division and a 6th grade division.

    Classroom Contest - Ribbons should be presented to the first, second, and third place winners in each classroom.

    School/County Contest - Plaques will be presented to the first, second, and third place winners and one honorable mention for each division. Tropicana Products, Inc. also provides a scholarship to 4-H Camp for the 1st place winners in each division.

  • Home School Projects


    4-H is an extracurricular group that focuses on life skills, citizenship, and leadership through hands on activities for children.

    • 4-H can be found all over the United States, as well as in 80 countries around the world.
    • 4-H is for all youth ages 5-18.
    • 4-H is not just for the farming family, it is a great way for youth to explore and expand their knowledge on a variety of subjects that cover everything from aeronautics to workforce preparedness.

    4-H Club meetings are great ways to meet other youth and families from the community and surrounding areas. Many people use 4-H curriculum to incorporate hands-on learning into their everyday school schedule, (which can count as credits!). Not only can youth present their projects at fairs they can also participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Fair, County Events which is a public speaking event, do community service projects, as well as travel around the state and learn about our Legislative System, University System, and so much more!


    • Participate in a club. A 4-H club is open to everyone, but must be made up of at least 5 youth from two different families.
    • Participate in a camp. 4-H offers educational day camps throughout the summer, as well as sleep away events too.
    • Participate on your own. 4-H has “At-Large” memberships where youth can work on projects on their own, at their own pace.
  • Summer Camps

    Broward 4-H can help summer camps with many of the same programs and activities offered during the school year with drop-in or long-range projects. 

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