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Woman Volunteer and 4-H members gardening


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Adult volunteers play an important role in the 4-H program. They mentor 4-H youth, coordinate local community clubs, and help to plan and run events. Learn how to get started and receive training to be a 4-H volunteer.

Club Leader, Leann, demonstration how to pruning a plant to members of her club.


Club Leaders work with youth members to run regular meetings, collaborative events, projects, and community service activities. Club Leaders are passionate adult mentors with special interests and skills that they have the opportunity to share and ignite with their club members and community.

Monarchs Club Volunteers sitting at a table


Running 4-H clubs and programs requires many heads, hands, and hearts! Club leaders and youth members are additionally supported by parent volunteers and community members such as Florida Master Gardener Volunteers and partnering organizations.

4 People Holding a large check at a 4-H Awards Banquet.

Donating & Giving

Providing monetary and physical resources are gifts to 4-H and our community-at-large. Donations can help fund 4-H scholarships for youth enrollment to special State events, provide feed to the animals in 4-H care, and help purchase supplies used to inspire youth and enrich programs.

Want To Support?

Here's How + FAQs

  • Current Volunteers

    Find resources for your club like:

    • Club Meeting guides and videos
    • Policy, procedures, and forms
    • Project record sheets
    • Awards and recognition packets and information

    >>Find and request access* for these resources & more

    *To request access write:

    I am __(name)__, [club leader/volunteer] of __(club name)__ in Broward County 4-H. May I request access to __(state documents)__? My email is ___________.

  • Prospective Volunteers

    We are delighted that you are considering becoming a volunteer with Broward County 4-H!

    Please contact Alexandra "Ali" Klar for more information

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