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Rain Barrels

Florida receives an average 52 inches of rainfall a year.  Most of that water flows off our roofs onto lawns and driveways, picking up fertilizers, pesticides and other pollutants that eventually find their way to our lakes, rivers and streams, contributing to non-point source pollution. Rain barrels are a convenient and efficient way to collect some of that water. You'll not only help to reduce the storm water runoff from your yard, but you'll have a free source of chemical-free water to use for irrigating your landscape!

Please see our calendar for online registration.

You can learn how to assemble your own rain barrel.

Cover of Rain Barrels: A Homeowner's Guide featuring different images of rain barrells.
Rain Barrels: A Homebuyer's Guide (pdf)

Below are several suppliers of plastic barrels in Hillsborough County.

**PLEASE NOTE: The Extension Service WILL NOT sell or give barrels to individuals who have not taken a workshop. Retail barrel suppliers may be located in the Yellow Pages under "Drums & Barrels."

Barrel Suppliers

Additional suppliers may be found under "Drums & Barrels" in the Yellow Pages. Listings here do not equal endorsement.

Alex Aversa (Seffner) - 813.843.3569

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