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UF/IFAS Extension
Lake County

UF/IFAS Extension Lake County is a partnership between State, Federal, and Lake County government for the purpose of providing scientific knowledge and expertise to the public.

1951 Woodlea Rd.
Tavares, FL 32778


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm (Office Hours)
9am - 4pm (Discovery Garden)

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Kicking Your Salt Habit
How much salt do you eat every day? Maybe it’s from a few shakes of a saltshaker or a can of soup or a deli sandwich.  Sodium is found in two main sources in our diet, packaged/processed foods and by directly adding it from a saltshaker or while cooking


What's Going on in Florida

Fall Food Drives: Improving Health and Feeding Families
The availability of a person’s next meal or just food, in general, can vary due to access, availability, and income. This may occur for a short period or longer which can result in a lack of the nutrition bodies need to prevent health consequences


The View from Two Months In
Hello all, and welcome to a brand new year! I’ve been Dean of UF/IFAS Extension now for a little over two months. When I first started, I received a piece of advice from SVP Scott Angle: “Above all, just have fun!” he told me


Enhancing Your Scholarly Works Series – Awards and Recognition for Extension Professionals
As we wrap up the old year and before we begin diving into the new year, it is important that we take time to reflect on the highlights of our programing efforts from this past year.  These highlights can then be transformed into award winning programs if we dedicate time to “toot our own horn” and submit such programs for professional awards


Differences Between Container, B&B, and Bare Root Trees
What are the differences between container, B&B, and bare root trees? After you have selected the right tree for your planting location, next you must decide what kind of tree to get. The three main nursery root stalks available are container, ball and burlap (B&B) and bare root


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    Scouting for pests in the home landscape
    What is Scouting for Pests? One of the first steps to successful pest management is monitoring for pest populations. Monitoring, a crucial task for controlling damaging pest populations, is known as scouting in the landscape industry


    Shrubs in the Florida Garden
    The structural importance of shrubs in the Florida garden Typically defined as a multi-stemmed woody plant, shrubs are perennials with branches forming low to the ground. Most shrubs display hues of green through their leaves, which is one of nature’s most neutral colors