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UF/IFAS Extension Lake County is a partnership between State, Federal, and Lake County government for the purpose of providing scientific knowledge and expertise to the public.

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Preparing for the Storm
As Floridians the month of June brings about Hurricane Season. It’s the season we are all too familiar with and try to block it out, until we see storm predictions and any potential weather threats from what may be forming in the Gulf or Atlantic waters


What's Going on in Florida

Irrigation Orientation – A Webinar Series for Florida Homeowners
Are you frustrated that with all the energy and money devoted to your yard, you still have patchy turfgrass or weed spots? Or you are spending too much money to keep your grass green? Did you know.


Beneficial Garden Bugs: The Good Flies
Not all bugs are alike.  Some bugs in Florida are garden pests, because they can do a lot of damage to plants, especially during the growing season


Making the Most of Your Money
Making a financial plan is not one and done, it’s a continual process that requires time and attention. Scheduling time for planning and tracking along the way will help you reach your savings and other financial goals


Personalize Your Plate
Many times, I am asked as a Registered Dietitian, what should I eat to be healthy? How many calories should I have each day? What should I eat if I want to lose weight? My answer to all of this is there is no one size fits all plan, no magic pill and I am not a magician, I am a Registered Dietitian. As one, I can provide guidance based on science and individual needs


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    Carambola for a Taste of the Tropics
    Star fruit, or carambola, is a unique tropical fruit we can grow here in central Florida. It may not survive very cold winters, but it will come back from the roots if it is killed back (if it is not a grafted tree)


    Irrigation Helps Young Peach Trees
    Peach trees grow rapidly in their first few years and it is important to get the trees well established for best production. Irrigation and fertilizer are important components to good tree growth