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UF/IFAS Extension
Lake County

UF/IFAS Extension Lake County is a partnership between State, Federal, and Lake County government for the purpose of providing scientific knowledge and expertise to the public.

1951 Woodlea Rd.
Tavares, FL 32778


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm (Office Hours)
9am - 4pm (Discovery Garden)

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Take Control of Preventing and Managing Diabetes
The occurrence of diabetes over the past 20 years has nearly doubled and that number could be even higher due to some living with diabetes and not knowing it. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control reports more than 37 million people have diabetes (1 out of 5 don’t know), and 96 million have prediabetes (8 out of 10 don’t know)


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‘Near Normal’ Hurricane Season Means Take All Precautions
The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1. Are you ready? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a "near normal" Atlantic Hurricane Season this year


Writing a “Thank You” Letter to Your Buyer
Writing a "thank you" letter for your buyer is a requirement from the Lake County Fair for exhibiting and selling your market project. The "thank you" letter should not be written just because you must but because you want to genuinely thank your buyer for believing in and investing in you


Keeping it Safe with Food Allergies
Food allergies affect 32 million Americans, of which 26 million are adults.  The reaction can be life-threatening with 200,000 requiring emergency medical care yearly related to reactions from food


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    The Superpowers of Protein
    What are proteins made of and what makes them so powerful? Proteins are made of essential and non-essential amino acids. There are nine that your body can’t make and the only way we get them is from food sources, these are referred to as essential


    SMART Goals for Record Books
    Goals can be an important aspect of life! Goals can be personal, occupational, or academic. As a 4-H'er completing record books, you are learning to set goals which is a great skill