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Family and Consumer Sciences

UF/IFAS Extension Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) delivers research-based educational programs that empower individuals and families with the skills to make informed decisions for their health and wealth. Whether it is eating healthy on a budget, handling stress, creating a budget, or maintaining a healthy home, our educational programs can help you find the solutions for your life.

  • Health and Wellness
    • General Nutrition
      • Various programs are offered to convey healthy nutritional practices regarding the Dietary Guidelines for Americans; MyPlate; food label reading; healthy shopping on a budget; food safety; and the importance of physical activity.
    • Prevent T2: National Diabetes Prevention Program
      • Prevent T2 is a lifestyle change program for individuals either diagnosed with prediabetes or those who are at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes. It is for individuals that want to lower their risk, but not sure how to start making lifestyle changes. Prevent T2 can help you lose weight and increase weekly physical activity.
    • Eating Well with Diabetes
      • Learn strategies to prevent and manage diabetes through menu planning, carbohydrate counting, portion control and label reading.
    • Manage Your Blood Pressure
      • This four-lesson course is for people who have, or at risk for developing, hypertension. Objectives include increasing weekly exercise, using food labels to make healthy eating choices, and choosing healthier options when eating out.
    • Take Control to Reduce Your Cancer Risk
      • A free online series developed to help participants make lifestyle changes that can improve their health and decrease cancer risk. The nine modules provide information, motivation, and self-guided activities that will increase your knowledge and promote positive behavior changes for a healthier lifestyle and reduced health risks. Online Series.
    • Volunteer Opportunities
      • Interested in giving back to the community? Become a Master Food and Nutrition Volunteer (MFNV). Through a series of trainings that provide research-based education, you can be a community representative of the University of Florida. Program acceptance is dependent on an application and interview process. Please contact for training dates.
    • Additional Resources

  • Family Resource Management
    • Financial Management
    • Closing Your Seasonal Home
      • This program offers tips for closing seasonal homes or for those who are leaving for an extended period of time. Learn how to prepare your home from the inside and out, prevent mold and mildew, organize and update important papers, protect against pest, storms and burglars.
      • Closing Your Seasonal Home Checklist

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