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Master Gardener Plant Clinic

Let us help with your plant problems.

We do plant and insect identification, soil testing (pH only), diagnosis of disease, insect; weeds, chemical injury, and help with nutrient related problems, as well as recommendations involving these diagnoses.

Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Clinic Goal:

The UF/IFAS Extension, Lake County Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Clinic and Mobile Plant Clinic goal is to improve the quality of life for residents through research and distribution of research-based educational information developed by UF/IFAS faculty and Extension professionals.

Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Clinic Objectives:

Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Clinics objectives are to:

  • Provide research-based educational information,
  • Test soil samples for pH levels (only), extensive testing needs to be forwarded to UF soil testing lab,
  • Manage customer service.


Master Gardener Volunteers staff the Plant Clinic office and the Mobile Plant Clinic during special events. 

If called for special events the Horticulture Office Associate schedules the Garden Technician to transport the mobile clinic to the site.

Generally, there are two Master Gardener Volunteers per shift in the Plant Clinic. There is also a Horticulture Office Associate and the Residential Horticultural Agent able to assist, if required. 


Plant Problems

You may also send photos of your local problems to Jamielyn Daugherty at or to the plant clinic at, for diagnosis as well as use the Distance Diagnostic and Identification System. We look forward to serving you.


The Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Clinic office is open Monday and Wednesday, 10:00AM - 2:00PM, excluding state and federal holidays.

You will still be able to drop off your soil samples, insects, weeds, pictures, and questions at any time, but on these days and times the plant clinic is staffed by a Master Gardener Volunteer.