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Hurricane Updates

UF/IFAS Extension
Miami-Dade County

The UF/IFAS Extension Miami-Dade County is the liaison between research conducted by scientists at the University of Florida and other universities and our local community.

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Coral Bleaching
Basic coral biology Corals are incredible animals that build reefs in the ocean. While they might look like rocks, they are living organisms that require certain conditions in which to live: clean, clear water, warm water, the right amount of nutrients and the and the right amount of wave action


What's Going on in Florida

Tasks and Duties throughout the Life Cycle of a Worker Honey Bee
Have you ever wondered where the saying, “busy like a bee” comes from? Well, it comes from the worker honey bee - known to be the most active bee of their species, Apis millifera, as they are faced with many different tasks and duties throughout their life cycle. Within the species, the worker bee is the “non-reproductive” female because the queen is the only female that lays eggs within the colony


Prepare for Hurricane Ian
SEPT. 26, 2022 (10 AM) -- Hurricane Ian is approaching the Gulf of Mexico and is on a path to impact the west coast of Florida


Plastic, Plastic Everywhere: The 2022 International Coastal Cleanup
Last Saturday, volunteers around the world gathered together to take part in The Ocean Conservancy’s (TOC) International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). On this one day, people around the world remove debris from shorelines and aquatic systems, catalog that data, enter it into the Clean Swell app, which TOC uses to produce it’s annual ICC


Tropical Fruit—Sapodilla
Tropical Fruit at a Glance—Sapodilla by Jeff Wasielewski, Laura Vasquez, and Jonathan H. Crane Common name: Sapodilla Botanical name: Manilkara zapota Family: Sapotaceae Good varieties: Alano, Makok, Hasyá, Morena and Tikal About the fruit: Underneath their dull brown exterior is an extremely sweet pulp tasting similar to brown sugar


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    Virtual Course helps Mangrove Trimmers Brush Up their Skills
    By Ana Zangroniz and Savanna Barry, Regional Specialized Agent, Coastal Ecosystems What are mangroves? Mangroves are salt-tolerant trees and shrubs that reside in low-energy, intertidal areas. They like to grow in warm areas, or where the temperatures do not hit lower than freezing for an extended period of time


    Magnesium Deficiency in Palms
    Magnesium (Mg) deficiency is very common in palms in Florida. Why is that? It’s because our soils have very low cation exchange capacity (CEC) and are highly leachable