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Both federal and state laws require licensing of pesticide applicators and this program provides the training to meet those requirements.  The use of pesticides is a requirement in many occupations including controlling invasive species in natural areas, pests in agricultural production and maintaining visually appealing landscapes. 

According to Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) records, Polk County has more than 1,000 pesticide applicator licenses registered and nearly 4,000 pest control technicians.  The impact of non-point source pollution on water quality has been the subject of increasing concern in Florida, as many water bodies, including several water bodies in Polk County, are considered impaired by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and U.S. EPA standards.  The landscape maintenance industry has a significant impact on Florida’s natural resources, as incorrect cultural and chemical application practices can lead to non-point source pollution.  This program provides training for landscape professionals in the proper application of fertilizers and pesticides in order to protect Florida’s natural resources and meet Florida fertilizer licensing requirements.


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Luis O. Rodriguez

Small Farms and Pesticide Education

Extension Agent I, M.S.

(863) 519-1049


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Guidance on the licensing process

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- See Guidance and Training for GIBMPs and Fertilizer licensing

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