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Fantastic 4-H Farm Field Trips

The Fantastic 4-H Farm is an excellent opportunity for your Pre-K – 3rd grade students to experience what happens on a farm. Your students will be able to learn about poultry, agriculture, dairy cows, and gardening. Students will get to pet our farm animals and make butter all while getting a real ‘down on the farm’ experience!

In-School Enrichment

4-H offers a wide range of curricula to support learning in the classroom in various subject areas.  4-H can provide one or more classroom learning experiences to support the teacher’s curriculum and state standards. Contact us, and we can work directly with you to find an activity, lesson, or series of lessons to meet your needs.  

After School Programming

Brevard County 4-H currently partners with Brevard AfterSchool and the 21st Century Afterschool Program to bring curriculum and programming to over 12 schools in the county. 4-H helps start and maintain school gardens for students to learn about growing healthy and fresh vegetables.  4-H also teaches a Creature Features program, where students learn about Florida wildlife through hands-on outdoor activities.

Tiny Market

Do you want to learn about local agriculture, but don't have the ability to take a field trip to an actual farmers market? The Tiny Market is here for you! Brevard County 4-H will bring the farmers market to your summer camp site or community learning center. The Tiny Market will have fresh fruits and vegetables for students to see and experience. It provides tastings and educational games to learn how about agriculture, how a farmers market operates, and much more! Please note, the Tiny Market is a summer program only. 


Andrea Lazzari, 4-H Agent

321.633.1702 ext.52322

Gus Koerner, 4-H Program Assistant

Keith Newman, 4-H Program Assistant and Community Garden Manager