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So you’re interested in joining 4-H? We offer a variety of youth programming, including community clubs, afterschool programming, in-school enrichment, short-term special interest (SPIN) clubs, camps, and more. Follow the below steps to learn how to get involved in Brevard County 4-H.

  1. Check out your local clubs, camps, and events on the Brevard County 4-H website (you're in the right place!)
  2. If you’re interested in joining a club, pick a few that interest you to try out.
  3. Reach out to the 4-H Agent at (321) 633-1702. They can get you more information, answer your questions, and get you in touch with the Club Leader.
  4. After speaking to the 4-H Agent and deciding which club(s) you'd like to join, enroll as a 4-H member using our 4HOnline enrollment system. 4HOnline enrollment for the 2023-2024 4-H year will begin on August 1, 2023. All current youth members and adult volunteers will need to re-enroll in 4HOnline each year.  
  5. The new program year officially begins September 1, 2023. Please note that the Brevard County 4-H Program has a $25 annual membership fee for Community Club Members ages 8-18. This fee can be paid by following the instructions when registering in 4HOnline.
  6. Prepare to meet new friends, learn new things, and have a great time!
  7. Don’t forget to check out other 4-H opportunities like camps, special events, and competitions!

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Gayle Whitworth-New
4-H Youth Development Agent
(321) 633-1702 ext. 52324

Gus Koerner
4-H Program Assistant
(321) 633-1702 ext. 52320

Sara Webb
4-H Program Assistant
(321) 633-1702 ext. 52317