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Join Jackson County 4-H!

  • How do I enroll my child, or request more information?

  • Is my child eligible to join Jackson County 4-H?

    All youth in Jackson County ages 5-18 as of September 1 of the enrolling year are eligible to join Jackson County 4-H. Age groups for the 4-H Youth Development Program are:

    • Cloverbuds: Ages 5-7
    • Juniors: Ages 8-10
    • Intermediate: Ages 11-13
    • Seniors: Ages 14-18

    If you are located in a neighboring county and Jackson County 4-H offers a program that is not available in your county, please contact your local 4-H Youth Development agent to discuss options to co-enroll in a Jackson County club or project.

  • What does it cost to join Jackson County 4-H?

    There is a $20 annual enrollment fee for Jackson County 4-H. Cloverbuds (ages 5-7) are exempt from this fee. This is a one-time registration fee and is not charged per club. Some activities or projects have an additional cost, and your club leader or 4-H Youth Development agent can provide more information.


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