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Pesticide Safety Training for CEUs and Restricted License Testing

We now have interactive pesticide training tutorial DVDs, in many restricted use pesticide (RUP) categories. These free DVDs tutorials may be used to prepare for an exam or to earn CEUs needed for license renewal. The core DVD has been approved for CEUs pertaining to both RUP (Ch. 487) and limited (Ch. 482) licenses.

DVD Categories CEUs Available Using DVD
General Standards Core (487) 6
General Standards Core (482) 6
Private Applicator Pest Control 6
Ag Row Crop Pest Control 4.5
Ag Tree Crop Pest Control 4.5
Aquatic Pest Control 5
Forest Pest Control 5
Demo & Research 2
Right-of-Way Pest Control 7.5
Ornamental & Turf Pest Control 11

In addition to paper, we are now equipped to offer web based pesticide exams. You must take the exam in our office regardless of whether you opt for a paper or web exam. The benefit of the web based exam is that you get your results immediately vs. a paper exam which must be mailed to Tallahassee for grading and a notification of results which can take 10-12 days.

To take a pesticide exam via the computer, you must first obtain a web voucher either prior to coming to the Extension office or with the agriculture agent before taking the exam- please note that if you opt to do this with the agent you should plan to spend an additional 10-15 minutes for this activity.

There are other ways to earn CEUs:

  1. The first option is to find and attend a class offering the CEUs needed. Call the Extension Office for information on upcoming classes. Another resource is the State Pesticide Office, their website allows you to search by event location, license category, or sponsoring organization to find any upcoming CEU approved classes. These classes may or may not have a fee associated with event registration.
  2. Another option is to attain CEUs online. The University of Florida offers CEUs in several categories through its website.These CEU modules provide 1 CEU for $20 each with few exceptions (some modules are listed 2 for $30, 3 for $40, 4 for $50 and 6 for $75).

To schedule an appointment for an exam or to view our free tutorials to earn CEUs, please call the Extension Office at (850) 482-9620. Keep in mind that 50 minutes is the equivalent of one CEU. When needing multiple CEUs, you have the option of watching the tutorial for several hours and collecting them all at once or you can earn them one at a time over the course of several visits.

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