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Agriculture & Natural Resources Advisory Committee

The Martin County Agriculture and Natural Resources Advisory Committee consists of representatives from local agricultural and natural resource organizations appointed by the Martin County Board of County Commissioners to provide input on matters affecting agriculture and natural resources throughout the county.

Urban Water

Ag Urban Water Use Infographic

Download the Water Usage Comparison Flyer


  1. Estimated crop water requirements, expressed as gal/10,000 sqft/year, calculated based on each crop’s coefficient (Kc) and the region’s historic reference evapotranspiration rate.
  2. Annual irrigation in South Florida, based on UF/IFAS turfgrass recommendations (35,765 gal/1,000 sqft/year Source: page 2, Water Savings Potential “Note” EDIS Publication AE515), expressed as gallons per 5K sqft; the typical suburban home in Florida may have a total lot size of about 10K sqft (about 0.2 acres), including a landscaped area of about 5K sqft (about 0.1 acres).
  3. Source: page 5, National estimate of indoor household water use (138 gallons per household per day), expressed as gallons per household per year.
  4. Assuming two plantings (fall and spring) of tomatoes per year.
  5. Assuming only one crop produced per year; typically, cabbage and potatoes are only planted once each year and rotated with other crops.
  6. Annual water requirement averaged over a typical 3-year cultivation.