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Urban Horticulture

The Urban Horticulture program is pleased to educate in improving your landscape, patio space and garden creations through continued education, webinars and library lectures. Bringing horticulture to the urban environment is beneficial for a quality of living. Join us to see how you can bring that beautiful landscape, creative hardspace or nutritional vegtable garden to your doorstep.

Master Gardener Program

Brochure: UF/IFAS Master Gardeners in Martin

The Master Gardener program invites you to join. Stay connected through upcoming classes, continued education, lectures and events. For more information to become a Master Gardener, please call our office.

MG Virtual Help Desk

The Master Gardener Help Desk has gone virtual or by appointment. You may email your plant photographs and questions to:

To schedule an appointment, call 772-288-5654.

The Landscape Series:

Landscape Design Principles

Finding the Right Place for the Right Plant

Why Landscapes Fail

And more ... coming soon ...

* Palms & Palm Problems for South Florida

* Small Trees for Martin County Yards

* Gardening in the Shade

Agent Information

Jennifer Pelham

County Extension Director
Urban Horticulture Agent IV

Garden Resource Videos

* Video Archives - Coming Soon ...

  •  Backyard Composting
  •  Right Plant Right Place
  •  Orchids
  •  Flowers that Beat the Heat
  •  Creating an Edible Landscape
  •  Outdoor Pest Mgmt - Part 1
  •  Outdoor Pest Mgmt - Part 2
  •  What's Bugging You?

Lawn & Landscape

Library Lecture Series - Master Gardeners

  •  * Tropical Fruit Trends 61820

Native/Non Species

Vegetable Garden Series

Blogs - Agent