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Connecting Homeowners and Landscape Professionals

UF/IFAS Extension Martin County offers the resources on this page to connect homeowners with licensed, GI-BMP-certified professional landscapers. Our goal is to raise awareness of FYN and Florida-Friendly Landscaping (FFL) among homeowners and offer resources for FFL-certified professional landscapers to market their certification. We emphasize the importance of hiring licensed, certified professional landscapers that have the knowledge to maintain FFL landscapes in our Florida Yards and Neighborhoods™.

  • Homeowners are becoming more aware of environmental stewardship and that includes how they manage their landscapes. As consumer environmental awareness increases, industries with eco-friendly operations will benefit (Zugang, 2012).
  • Professional landscapers can benefit from awareness of licensing requirements, as well as the benefits of FFL and other professional certifications. Once licensed/certified, how can a professional landscaper then market themselves as being an eco-friendly company and provider of Florida-Friendly Landscaping TM services?

The resources offered on this page are intended to complete that link between homeowners and professional landscapers. Below, please find resources for homeowners and professional landscapers alike.

Partner with Us!

Green Industry Professionals

Are you a landscaper or pesticide or fertilizer applicator? Do you need resources to help market yourself as a licensed/certified professional? Do you need help determining which licenses/certifications are applicable to your work?  We can help!

To learn more about becoming licensed and certified, check out these articles: “Licensing & Certification for the Green Industry Professional” and “Homeowners Value Licensed/Certified Green Industry Professionals”. You can also contact your local UF/IFAS Extension office for additional resources or answers to your questions. If you work in Martin County, we have developed marketing resources you can use to promote your licensing and/or certifications. Please contact Yvette Goodiel, UF/IFAS Extension Martin County Sustainability & Commercial Horticulture Agent, to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting.


Are you a homeowner seeking to hire a landscape professional?

We can help you too!

Knowing what to look for in a landscape professional will help you get the most for your investment, ensure your yard reaches its greatest potential and protect Florida’s water and other natural resources. UF offers Guidelines for Hiring a Florida-Friendly Landscape Professional. If you live in Martin County, you can also reach out to Jennifer Pelham, UF/IFAS Extension Martin County Director and Urban Horticulture Agent.


Landscape Professionals

Yvette Goodiel
Sustainability & Commercial
Horticulture Agent III


Jennifer Pelham
County Extension Director
Urban Horticulture Agent IV

Lawn & Landscape

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