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Ecosystems & Species

Florida has more than eighty distinct ecosystems, which are home to many different plant and animal species. This section offers resources about many of them.


  • Coasts & Oceans

    Florida has 1,800 miles of coastline and comes in second only to Alaska with more than 8,460 miles of tidal shoreline.

    For information about Florida's inland waterways, see Wetlands & Rivers. To learn about watersheds, best management practices, and water conservation, see Water Resources.

  • Forests & Uplands

    Nearly half of Florida's land area is covered by forests. 25,000 square miles of forests provide habitats for many species and tourism opportunities for residents and visitors to the state. Forests are also essential to Florida's environmental health.

    For information about Florida's forest products industry, forest management, and timber, see Forest Resources.

  • Watersheds
  • Wetlands & Rivers

    Wherever you go in Florida, you are never far away from water. 11,000 miles of waterways crisscross the state. This page provides resources about Florida's lakes, rivers, springs, and wetlands.

    For information about Florida's beaches and coastal waters, see Coasts & Oceans. To learn about watersheds, water conservation, and best management practices, see .

  • Wildland-Urban Interface

    The wildland-urban interface is the space where human developent meets undeveloped areas.

    For information about landscaping for wildlife, conserving energy in the landscape, and cultivating a green home, see Sustainable Living - Lawn & Garden.

  • Conservation & Restoration

    Floridians from all walks of life are working together to preserve animal and plant habitats for future generations.

    For information about pollution prevention, landscaping for wildlife, and conservation easements, see Sustainable Living - Environment


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