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The Myakka River gently flows as it meanders through Myakka River State Park.


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Water Conservation

Healthy Yards Recognition Program

Irrigation makes watering your plants easy and automated.

A yard with above average water useUnfortunately, it can be equally easy to overwater, which can negatively impact your lawn through...

  • soil nutrient loss
  • lower drought tolerance
  • increased likelihood of disease
  • and more!

A water-efficient lawn has an optimal arrangement of landscape beds and turfgrass and uses a recommended 1/2 - 3/4 inch of water every week.

A yard with below average water useUsing only the necessary amount of water...

  • encourages root growth
  • saves you money on your water bill
  • keeps our local waters safe from fertilizer runoff
  • helps conserve our precious freshwater supply!

You can make your neighborhood a water conservation leader by cutting down on your water use by at least 30 gallons a day. Fill out the form below to participate in our Healthy Yards Recognition and see the resources below for help getting started.


Garden flag with otter holding water drop with slogan Do Your Part to be Sprinkler Smart




A stack of papersArticles and publications


Build-Your-Own Water Conservation Kit

Reading up on ways to save is a great place to start, but equipping yourself with the right tools can put you on the path to success. Need some items to help you cut down on your water use? Fill out our survey at to customize a free kit for you to pick up at our office in Twin Lakes Park.

A basic outline of a sprinklerIrrigation Evaluations

Be part of a limited group of people to get their yards evaluated in 2021. An irrigation evaluation can help you spot broken or clogged sprinklers and other potential water-wasters in your home landscape. Find the form at this link:

Free, Self-paced Online Courses

Learn about the basics of water conservation and irrigation in our two new online classes.

A picture of a book coming out of a computerWater Conservation in Sarasota County

Register here:


Healthy Yards Irrigation Program: Irrigation Basics

Register here:




Questions? Reach us at (941) 861-9900 or send an email to

Make the Pledge

Commit to a growing water conservation ethic and receive free water-saving devices
The Water Cycle

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