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UF/IFAS Extension
Manatee County

The Manatee County Extension Service is an educational program within county government which brings the resources of the University of Florida to Manatee County to solve local problems, provide educational opportunities, promote economic enhancement and improve the quality of life for all.

1303 17th Street West
Palmetto, FL 34221


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

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Fungal Friends
When ancient plants first evolved to live on land, they found a harsh and unforgiving environment. On land, water and nutrients are much more difficult to acquire


What's Going on in Florida

Land Judging Competitors Qualify for State Contest
The 61st annual Land Judging competition, sponsored by the Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District, was held in late February at the Ed Chance Preserve-Gilley Creek Tract. Thirty students answered test questions concerning soil properties at four fields in such categories as slope, depth, texture, permeability, erosion, and nutrients


Extension’s 108th Anniversary
This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s also the 108th anniversary of an obscure piece of legislation that might also play an important role in your life


Spring Farm Tour 2022
The Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District Spring Farm Tour brought over eighty participants in two charter buses to several agricultural operations in the Manatee County. Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District board members Buddy Keen, Ben King, and Julie Tillett served as tour guides along with county and UF/IFAS Extension staff


Let’s Enjoy a Variety of Nutritious Foods, March is Nutrition Month
Your body needs more than just healthy foods for proper nourishment. Exercising daily, getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated are all essential behaviors for maintaining a healthy body


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    Pesticide application is only one Integrated Pest Management tool!
    Today is a new day in pest control. Do not let pest management consume your  weekend and time


    Florida’s Fab Five: Plants
    Can a plant change the course of history? Indigo, saffron, rubber, poppies, corn, potatoes…. there is a seemingly endless list of plants that have been instrumental in the development of human culture; the shifting of paradigms, wars fought, poetry written, and individual lives saved