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The Family Nutrition Program (FNP) is the federal SNAP-Ed program in Florida, the educational component of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  Since 1996, FNP has provided FREE classes in nutrition education and obesity prevention to Floridians who qualify for SNAP benefits (also known as food stamps), WIC, Head Start, or have children who receive free or reduced breakfast. 

FNP offers multiple curricula for audiences of varying ages to empower those living on limited resources to make informed decisions when purchasing food; while focusing on healthy options, nutritious food preparation, and budget-friendly shopping.

School children are educated about different food groups and the importance of choosing foods that help them grow. Seniors learn about keeping food safe, eating on a budget, and preparing meals for one or two. Parents and care-givers learn to plan and prepare low-cost, nutritious meals for the family.

Programs help participants develop skills that lead to:

  • Improved diet through selection of nutritious foods
  • Better food safety and food storage practices
  • Effective management of food resources

Program activities include:

  • Small groups education programs
  • Food preparation demonstrations
  • Distribution of newsletters and fact sheets

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