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Vegetable production and marketing in Manatee County is a 290 million dollar industry encompassing approximately 30,000 acres and including a variety of crops. The largest acreages are devoted to tomatoes, snap beans, watermelons, cucumbers, and potatoes. Other crops include pepper, cantaloupe, squash, oriental vegetables and other minor and specialty crops.

Local Commodities

Are you searching for the location where we grow these crops as well as other agricultural commodities like fruits, aquaculture (like oysters and clams), beef, or nursery plants?

You can search by the food category (fruit, vegetable, seafood, beef, bamboo, and more), or by a location near your home, or by a specific business type (Farmer’s market or produce stand, organic, U-pick, agrotourism, hydroponics or a variety of types). The map also assists growers in locations to sell their products.

The Manatee County Extension Service, with access to the many resources of the University of Florida, provides assistance to the fruit & vegetable industry in many different subject areas.


  • General fruit & vegetable production
  • Crop fertilization
  • Crop irrigation management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Pesticide licensing information
  • Upcoming project "The Living Ag Lab"


Lisa Hickey

Lisa Hickey County Extension Director EAIII 941-722-4524 ext. 1817

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