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Strenthening Marriages & Relationship Training  (SMART) classes now available!

SMART Couples Florida classes are designed to teach you how to communicate your needs, listen to the needs of others, successfully resolve conflicts, and maintain happy and healthy relationships with everyone in your life.  Based on the latest research and taught by UF/IFAS-trained instructors, SMART Couples classes include:

  • Relationship Smarts Plus 3.0: A fun and unique program designed to help teens learn how to set goals and make wise choices about relationships, dating, partners, and more. Target audience: Teens

  • Smart Steps: An empowering stepfamily program developed specifically to strengthen relationships between remarried or re-partnered couples and their children, including non-custodial parents.  Target audience: Couples, remarried couples in stepfamilies

  • Before You Tie the Knot: A dynamic premarital program for couples who are striving to start their marriages out right.  Target audience: couples, premarital couples

  • Elevate: A powerful relationship enhancement program for couples - dating, cohabiting, engaged, married - who want to improve their communcation skills and to strengthen their relationships.  Target audience: couples, married couples

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Nelly Nelson 
Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
(941)722-4524 ext. 1854


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