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When you ask most people what the largest predator is in Florida, they usually think of alligators or sharks. But Florida also has big cats, bears, and coyotes. Learn more about these predators in the sections on this page.

You also can find more information on large predators in Florida at:

Florida Black Bear

Though rarely seen, we do have black bears in Florida. The most important thing you can remember to coexist is DO NOT FEED THE BEARS. Not only is it dangerous to condition a bear to associate humans with food, it's also against the law. The following links will give you more information on living with the endangered black bear in Florida.

Florida Panther

It is our state animal and is it terribly endangered. There are less than 100 of these beautiful cats left in Florida. Their biggest enemy is the automobile. The following links will offer more information on the Florida Panther and what you can do to help this species survive.


The coyote is a relatively recent resident of Florida. They began showing up in Florida in the 1960s and have slowly drifted south. With very few natural enemies, their population has flourished. As urban development closes in on their territory, the coyote is becoming a common sight in suburbia. The links below will give you more information on coyotes.


The bobcat is often mistaken for a panther, though it is much smaller in size and has a pattern to its tawny coat. Follow the links below for more information on bobcats in Florida.