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Brassicas grow closely packed in a Sarasota County community garden

Edible Gardening

Gardening in Florida can be both incredibly rewarding and entirely frustrating. Our subtropical climate is perfect for growing an abundance of different vegetables, fruits, and herbs, but the challenges can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

Edible Gardening Series

This is where we can help! We've developed our "Edible Gardening Series" to bring you tips, tools and techniques needed to get growing. The series covers 25 key topics, issues that we know home gardeners struggle with the most. You can find answers and advice in the short videos recorded from each online class, or in the accompanying blog posts, and even with the set of helpful resources provided by topic. Happy gardening!


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Episode 01: Florida Growing Seasons
Description: Learn about the variety of growing seasons in Florida and finding the right time for the right plant
Episode 02: Plan an Abundant Garden
Description: Learn how to plan for a successful garden, and set yourself up for growing success
Episode 03: Sustainable Pest Control
Description: Get tips and techniques for safe, effective and lasting pest control in your garden
Episode 04: Mulching
Description: Learn the benefits of and reasons for mulching your garden
Episode 05: Beneficial Insects
Description: Learn how to identify those insects that help you and your garden, along with tips and techniques to help them thrive
Episode 06: Nematodes
Description: Feeling lost in the weeds when it comes to nematodes in your garden? We've got you covered
Episode 07: Understanding Pesticides
Description: Get practical information for when, where, how and why to use (or avoid) pesticides in your garden
Episode 08: Watering Your Garden
Description: Learns the ins and outs, the dos and don'ts, when it comes to watering your garden
Episode 09: Fertilizing Your Garden
Description: Don't get stuck in the muck, when it comes to fertilizing your garden
Episode 10: Find and Identify Insects
Description: You know they're somewhere in your garden. Now, learn how to find and identify those insects
Episode 11: Winter Greens
Description: Learn about growing winter greens in Florida, and finding the right time for the right plant
Episode 12: Starting Seedlings at Home
Episode 13: Growing on Your Lanai
Episode 14: Tomatoes 101
Episode 15: Silverleaf Whitefly
Description: Learn more about identifying and controlling the silverleaf whitefly pest
Episode 16: Container Gardening
Description: Ideas for successfully growing vegetables, herbs and more in pots and containers
Episode 17: Aphids
Description: All you need to know about aphids
Episode 18: Herbs for Florida
Description: Tips and techniques about growing herbs in Florida
Episode 19: Caterpillars
Description: Get up close with caterpillars
Episode 20: Hot-season Veggies
Description: Too "hot" to grow vegetables in your Florida garden? Maybe not. Get advice and information
Episode 21: Spider Mites
Description: Learn to identify and safely control spider mites in your Florida garden
Episode 22: Tools for Gardening
Description: Get tips and information on the tools you need to successfully garden, in this installment of our "Edible Gardening" webinar shorts.
Episode 23: Insects and Colors
Description: Learn how insects view the world—literally—in this installment of our "Edible Gardening" webinar shorts.
Episode 24: Trellises
Description: Get great advice on the benefits of trellises in the garden environment, in this installment of our "Edible Gardening" webinar shorts.
Episode 25: Companion and Trap Plants
Description: In this episode, our latest and final installment of our "Edible Gardening" webinar shorts, learn the difference between and uses of companion plants and trap crops.



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