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Hands sift through compost ready for use


Finished Compost

Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic materials by microorganisms.

Compost is partially decomposed organic matter.

Humus is completely decomposed organic matter.

Mulch is organic and/or inorganic material spread in a layer on the soil surface.

Benefits and Uses of Compost

Compost offers many benefits to the landscape and garden. For example, compost:

This is a self-mulching bed. The bamboo leaves fall on the ground and slowly decompose.

  • Improves soil tilth condition, and structure;
  • Increases the soil's ability to hold water and nutrients;
  • Supports living soil organisms;
  • Helps dissolve mineral forms of nutrients;
  • Buffers soil from chemical imbalances;
  • May provide biological control of certain soil pests; and
  • Helps return organic materials to the soil, and keeps them out of landfills and waterways.